• November 10 - The Power of Prayer31:02
  • November 3 - The Privilege of Prayer29:17

Sunday, November 10 -  The Power of Prayer. The single greatest factor in the growth of any business, organization, or church is by people talking favorably about their experience and the service they receive.  God's Word is a powerful "change agent" for our lives.  When people come in contact with God's living and active Word, it accomplishes God's purpose.    Thanks for inviting other people to explore God's Word through the ministry of Trinity.


Thoughts and Prayers
Thoughts and Prayers:  Whenever a tragedy strikes, national leaders will often announce that they are sending what has become a much-maligned offering of "thoughts and prayers."  Many people not only question the sincerity of these offerings, but their effectiveness.  "Does prayer do anything?"  "Does anyone hear?"  Our November sermon series will explore the amazing gift of prayer and why every circumstance--whether it is joyful or tragic--ought to be informed and formed by prayer.

Sunday, November 3 -  Privilege of Prayer. The thought that the God of the universe would be interested in conversing with us can seem improbable to some.  Doesn't God have better things to do?  Hebrews 4 reminds us that the proof of God's care for us is in Christ.  If God has come for us in His son, we can come to Him through His Son.


  • May 5 - The Red Letter Challenge Intro32:57
  • May 12 - RLC - Being32:16
  • May 19 - Forgiving29:18
  • May 26 - Serving30:35
  • June 9 - Giving32:11
  • June 16 - Going31:40
  • June 23 - Changing31:41

  • October 27 - The Undiscovered Future27:55
  • October 20 - The Motivation27:42
  • October 13 - The Method28:20
  • October 6 - The Mission27:03


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  • September 29 - The Face26:20
  • September 22 - The Calf33:04
  • September 15 - Exodus: The Presence33:15
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  • July 7 - Exodus: The Birth29:47

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