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  • May 19 - Forgiving29:18

  • May 5 - The Red Letter Challenge Intro32:57

  • May 12 - RLC - Being32:16

Sunday, May 12
The Red Letter Challenge
This Sunday's Theme: Being

Today is day 6 of the 40 day challenge. This week is all about spiritual habits/disciplines that are meant to assist us in spending time in the presence the Lord God; our creator, redeemer and who grows and sustains our faith.  This week you will be asked to consider time in God's Word, prayer, meditation, fasting, etc.  We will be challenged to slow down, re- prioritize our time, and spend quiet time with God.    Our doing flows out of who we are and who we become when we spend time with Christ.

Sunday, May 5
The Red Letter Challenge
This Sunday's Theme: Introduction

The RED LETTER CHALLENGE begins today!  Today we introduce the Red Letter Challenge to worshipers at Trinity and during our Bible study time.  In the course of this next week you'll be reading and discussing introductions to five key words we will focus on for the next six weeks:  BEING, FORGIVING, SERVING, GIVING, and GOING.  

Sunday, May 19
The Red Letter Challenge
This Sunday's Theme: Forgiving

The RED LETTER CHALLENGE Day # 13: FORGIVENESS! This week will be a challenging week for me and for you.  Forgiveness is tough.  Today what we witness is blame, rather than forgiveness.  We are quick to accuse and slow to forgive; if we forgive at all.  We nurse hurts and build mental shrines for offenses we have suffered from others.  This week the Red Letter Challenge invites us to explore what repentance is all about--turning away from our sins.  We will consider the need to accept personal forgiveness from God for sins which continue to haunt us.  And, we will be challenged to grant forgiveness to those have hurt us and to receive forgiveness from those we have hurt.  Keep reading.  Keep praying.  Keep worshiping.   Enjoy quiet time with God. Fast from the daily distractions that get in the way of your time with God.  Enjoy rest!  Celebrate as a child of God.

Sunday, April 28
This Sunday's Theme: Easter Treasures

  • April 28 - Against All Odds18:03