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Sunday, February 3

Guest Speaker - Rev. Michael Hiller

  • February 10, 2019 - i:AM35:02

  • January 27 - One Plus One=?27:09

Sunday, February 10
Finding Your Identity in Christ
This Sunday's Theme: i:AM

When God reveals His identity to Moses, He simply calls Himself, "I AM."  We can be tempted, when we speak of our identities, to speak of them in terms of our accomplishments, "I am successful."  "I am rich." "I am good." But before any of those identities, we need to be content to simply say, like God, "I am."  Just the fact that we exist -- that God has made us -- is special in its own right.  Before we speak of our accomplishments, we must give thanks for our creation.

  • February 17 - i.Love0:00

  • February 3, 201920:26

Sunday, February 17
Finding Your Identity in Christ
This Sunday's Theme: i:Love

As Christians, others are to know us as people who love (cf. John 13:35).  The secular definition of love can too often be understood as "what can someone do for me?"  In Romans 12, Paul talks about what love looks like in practical terms. Does our love look like biblical love?

Sunday, January 27
STEWARDSHIP: The Missing Piece to Successful Living
This Sunday's Topic: One Plus One =?

Even with the advent of modern math, one is lead to assume that 1+1 = 2.  God's mathematics is exponential.  One man, Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit and 3,000 are added to Christ's forever family. Five loaves and two fish result in thousands being fed.  God wants to use you!  We may think that we don't have the right words, the right skills, enough experience, etc., to be used by God to serve others.  Never forget the lessons we see over and over again in the Bible:  Little is always much in the Master's hands!