Trinity Lutheran Church And School

Thank you for your interest in Trinity Lutheran School!   We sincerely appreciate parents who take time to research the educational options available to their children. After all, during the school week, your children will spend at least seven hours each day at school…which may be more waking hours than they will spend with you! During that time, your children will be under the guidance and direction of teachers that have tremendous potential to affect their growth.  Selecting the school with which you entrust that responsibility is a great task, and we thank you for considering Trinity.

Trinity has been providing exceptional Christian education in the eastern Douglas and Elbert counties and communities since 1993.  
Our objective is to provide a quality education in a loving, Christian environment. 

To that end, we work to guide students in the following facets of their development:Spiritual - Physical - Emotional - Academic - Social - Character Building

Formal schooling is only part of a child’s education. Together with you and your child, we work to contribute to your child’s growth and development. Therefore, Trinity Lutheran School exists to:

Share the Good News of Jesus Christ by providing opportunity for children to study Scripture under the guidance of Christian teachers
Assist parents in the Christian education of their children, and welcome families into a community of faith and friendship
Encourage students to respond to God by becoming active in love, prayer, service and worship
Emphasize excellence in academic subjects, while providing current technology, music, the arts, and physical education as an integral part of their studies
Create an atmosphere of loving acceptance in which all children will learn to love themselves, and recognize their uniqueness as God’s children, never forgetting how much God loves them.

Choosing a school is a big decision ~ one that should be made with a sense of comfort, confidence and reassurance.    The Council for American Private Education (CAPE)  has put out a video that speaks about how private schools promote the public good and provide a path to a promising future.


Principal Mrs. Deanna Ayers


Trinity Lutheran Church and School