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It comes as little surprise that many are decrying the demise of the traditional family in our modern world. Sadly, the solutions which are being put forth to save the family are suspect at best.  One commentator quipped in a recent article, "Successive governments are to blame for the demise of the traditional family.  It will take a brave politician to save it now."  A politician can save the traditional family?  Really?  Fortunately, God's Word offers a better solution to save our families -- God Himself. God is the One who dreamed and designed the family. Turning to His Word, we find truth for mothers, children, and fathers. In this series, we consider each of these roles successively -- those of mothers, children, and fathers -- and listen closely to what God has to say about life in the family.

Sunday, September 16 – Battle Ready
The temptations men face are legion.  From sexual immorality to greed to dishonesty to selfish ambition, leading a man to spend too much time at work and away from his family, every man can fall.  Today we take a look at some of these temptations common to men and rejoice in how the Spirit of God gives us the strength to fight temptation and bear God's good fruit of righteousness.

Sunday, September 9 - Children Should Be Seen and Heard

An old cliché, finding its origin in the fifteenth century in the sermons of a clergyman names John Mirk, says, "Children should be seen and not heard."  Mirk originally applied this only to female children. (Imagine the public vilification today for such a statement!) Jesus, however, has a much different take on all children:  He delights to welcome them, listen to them, and bless them!  In this message, we'll consider the value of children, some modern attitudes toward children, and offer comfort to those who desire children, but cannot have any.

Sunday, September 2 - Coming Home to Christ
The Lifetime Network hosted a show called "Coming Home", which chronicled the stories of soldiers returning home from extended tours of duty.  Hugs, kisses, smiles, and tears, accompany the moment a soldier is reunited with his or her family.  Time and time again, relief is expressed that a soldier has finally come home and is safe from the dangers of the battlefield.  In Isaiah 2, the prophet paints a picture of all nations coming home to Christ.  No longer will we face the dangers of this world, for we will be walking in Christ's light and way.

Sunday, August 26Help! I need somebody, help!

Adam was not meant to be alone.  He needed a "helper” (Genesis 2:18).  The title "helper" is not meant to be derogatory toward Eve, relegating her to Adam's slave, as this same moniker is used of God Himself:  "The LORD is with me; He is my helper" (Psalm 118:7).  This title is instead meant to describe the special gifting a wife has as her husband's helpmate, helping him as God helps His people.  Today we consider the woman's role as a helpmate and talk about the temptation that women face to nag their husband's bitterly rather than to support them joyfully.

Sunday, August 19 - Fierce Females

Esther was a strong Jewish woman.  As the favorite female of the king, she could have lived out her days in ease and luxury.  Instead, she chose to work fiercely and fearlessly to save her people from annihilation.  And God, though He is never explicitly named in the book of Esther, is there the whole time, giving Esther the strength and courage she needed for the daunting tasks before her.  We celebrate and give thanks for moms who work fiercely and fearlessly. They, like Esther, need God's strength.

Sunday, August 12 - Family Feud

What a strange way to begin a series on how God views the Family!  In the text for today Jesus talks about dividing the family and causing feuds, not uniting the family and fostering love.  And yet, here we find a fundamental truth concerning the family:  unless our families are rooted and founded in following Jesus, they will ultimately fail.  Jesus comes first.  He is the One who blesses and keeps our families.  Our families must rally around Him and be united by Him.

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