Began Sunday, February 11

Even though the first Sunday in Lent is not until February 17th, today, Transfiguration Sunday, will serve as the lead in Sunday to our Sunday morning Lent Series. Country star Tim McGraw once encouraged his fans in a song to "Live like You Were Dying."  Too often, we trudge through life paying little to no attention to the sobering reality that our time here is not eternal.  Our days have an end.  In His final week, Jesus was fully aware that his days on earth were coming to an end.  How He spends and celebrates His final days can give us keen insight into how we would spend and celebrate every day.

Sunday, February 11 -- Celebrate Good Times.

What do you celebrate in life?  In the day-to-day grind of life's hectic schedule, celebration can easily get lost.  Even in the final week of His life, Jesus participates--and inddeed, hosts -- a celebration.  Though the crowds do not understand Jesus, they celebrate Him.  Even when we do not fully understand God's ways in our lives, do we still celebrate Him?

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