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Sermon Series - Trinity Connects Her Community to Jesus

A mission statement, whether it be a church, a business, or an individual answers the following questions:  "What do we do?  Whom do we serve? How do we serve them?"   

Over 350 man hours were associated with our strategic planning process.  There was the on-line survey, on-site interviews with three focus groups, and two weekend working sessions with a strategic planning team to help Trinity produce a fifty-page strategic planning document which has been available to all the members of the congregation.  

We have begun a series of messages to inform worshipers about the plan and to offer them the opportunity to interact with and ask questions of those who assisted in this planning process.  

  • November 4 - It's Just Not Working.mp326:36

  • November 11 - Answering the Why Question29:50

Sunday, November 11

Motivation--Answering the Question, "Why?" 

Legitimately someone might inquire:  "Why take all the time and go the expense of creating a strategic plan for Trinity?"  In the short video clips we have attempted to offer some answers to the question:  "Why?"  Yet, someone might respond that it is about "Survival" -- If Trinity is unresponsive to declining school enrollment and membership the future is questionable.   That answer is all about "US!"  Another person might respond that it is about "Love" -- God's love connected us to Jesus, therefore in love we seek to connect others to Jesus.  That answer is more about "THEM!"  The question is: "US versus THEM?" or ”US and THEM?"

  • October 28 - Trinity Connects Our Community to Jesus24:38